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Every minute of every day, a child is abused in California. Our mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect.

The Child Abuse Prevention Center is a state, national and international service, training, research and resources center dedicated to protecting children and building healthy families.

The Child Abuse Prevention Center, known as the CAP Center, has been preventing child abuse for more than thirty years. Located in Sacramento, California, the Child Abuse Prevention Center is home to four unique agencies. Governed by a single board of directors, each organization takes a different but complementary approach to prevent child abuse. Agencies at the CAP Center include the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento, California Family Resource Association, Lift the Children and Prevent Child Abuse California. The CAP Center also proudly serves as the lead agency for Safe Kids California.

Child abuse fuels crime and suicide, broken marriages and substance abuse. Adults who were abused as children suffer sharply increased risk of heart disease, cancer, injuries and chronic lung and liver disease. In addition to destroying lives, child abuse costs taxpayers an estimated $95 billion a year. The CAP Center is leading efforts to stop this preventable tragedy. What we’re doing is making a difference.

CAP Center’s accomplishments included:

  • 98% reduction in child abuse cases among the families served.
  • 140,000 children served.
  • 80,000 parents educated.
  • 10,000 professionals trained.
  • 2,500 volunteers recruited who provided almost 80,000 hours of service.
  • 27,000 professional caregivers received information and support.
  • Effectively advocates for legislation, policy, and funding to prevent child abuse.
  • Has developed a web-based reporting system to evaluate the effectiveness of programs.

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